I am a 23 year old python enthusiast,writer, artist and a general busy bee.My interests include politics and philosophy. I believe in keeping a healthy liberal/conservative media diet and I get most(if not all) my news from the quirky odd-ball John Oliver.

Seneca's stoic wisdom inspires me;"Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.", and it's the one principal I live by. I am a "Do-er" and have eclectic interests that range from outdoor sports to consuming non-fiction classics.

Statistics and probability get me heady and I am always on the look-out for more non-conventional,practical resources on the subjects;theoretical stats in the absence of their real-world applications though essential are rather dry.

I am known linguaphile,a language nerd. I believe a language gives insights and breathes life into the culture that evolves around it. They help us get a deeper understanding of people from backgrounds disparate from our own.I personally speak four languages, spanish being the latest addition to that roster.

You can learn more about my work and interests at my Github